Russell Coleman Releases Two New TV Ads

CRESTWOOD, Ky. (Oct. 16, 2023) – Republican Nominee for Kentucky Attorney General Russell Coleman launched two new television ads today as part of his aggressive statewide expenditure ahead of the November 7th general election. The ads, titled “Trust,” and “Proven Prosecutor,” will play across the Commonwealth along with the “Lawman” ad released earlier this month.

Click the image above or HERE to watch “Trust”

Click the image above or HERE to watch “Proven Prosecutor”

“Kentuckians can see a clear contrast in the race for Attorney General. I’m a law and order conservative who has been endorsed by the Fraternal Order of Police because of my proven experience protecting Kentucky families from violent crime and deadly drugs. My opponent is an unqualified liberal who won’t stand up for our values or our law enforcement,” said Coleman, Republican Nominee for Attorney General.

Russell Coleman has raised over $1 million in his campaign to protect Kentucky families as Attorney General, and he recently reported more than $880,000 cash on hand. Meanwhile, his opponent still doesn’t have a Kentucky law license and may have admitted to criminal activity when she recently told Kentucky media she has done legal work “statewide.”

“Trust” Script:

A Christian, conservative and family man…

Russell Coleman: the right choice for Attorney General.

With a track record of fighting crime and serving his country…

You can trust Russell Coleman to protect your family from crime and drugs.

“Experienced Prosecutor” Script”

For Attorney General: Russell Coleman.

A law and order conservative who will fight the deadly drugs flooding our streets.

Coleman is an experienced prosecutor who will put violent criminals behind bars and keep them there.

Russell Coleman for Attorney General.

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