Did Rep. Stevenson Just Admit to Criminal Activity?

CRESTWOOD, Ky. (Oct. 11, 2023) – Russell Coleman for Attorney General Spokesman Kevin Grout released the following statement after Indiana lawyer Rep. Pam Stevenson told Louisville Public Media she has “done legal work internationally, nationally, statewide and locally:”

“Did Rep. Stevenson just admit to criminal activity? Even though we know she still does not have a Kentucky law license, Rep. Stevenson claimed she has practiced law in Kentucky. That would be a clear violation of the law that the Attorney General is sworn to uphold,” said Grout. “Rep. Stevenson must stop misleading voters and come clean about her record. She is wholly unqualified to stand up for Kentucky, and the voters will reject her this November.”

“Russell Coleman is a proven prosecutor and a real Kentucky lawman. He is the only candidate in this race who can be trusted to protect Kentucky families as Attorney General,” Grout continued.

In July, Stevenson was exposed for not having a Kentucky law license. Kentucky law clearly outlines the penalties for the unauthorized practice of law.

Stevenson’s campaign also told the Herald-Leader she “is on track to become a member of that state bar by August.” However, the Kentucky Bar Association’s website still does not show that she has a Kentucky law license.


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