Russell Coleman at Fancy Farm: Together, We will Protect Kentucky Families and We will Make Kentucky Safe Again

‘This November you’ll have a clear choice between someone from Kentucky law enforcement, supported by Kentucky law enforcement, endorsed by the Kentucky FOP…or…well… a Hoosier lawyer.’


FANCY FARM, Ky. (August 5, 2023) – Republican Nominee for Kentucky Attorney General Russell Coleman delivered the following remarks – as prepared for delivery – at the 143rd Fancy Farm Picnic, hosted by St. Jerome Church:

“Thank you, Fancy Farm!

“My family and I are so honored to be here.

“Speaking from this stage has been a dream of mine since I was a boy coming here for the BBQ.

“I’m grateful for the warm hospitality of St. Jerome’s Parish.

“And please join me in thanking those that will be out here protecting us long after we’re safe in our beds tonight:

“Graves County Sheriff Jon Hayden, his deputies, the Kentucky State Police, and every one of our law enforcement heroes!


“I was born in Paducah. As my dad’s factory jobs moved us around the state, Mayfield was our family’s home base.

“Both sets of grandparents lived right here in Graves County.

“So, it’s a real treat that my Grandma Betty is here today from Mayfield…that is, if we were able to sweet talk her away from the bingo tables!

“After graduating from UK Law School, I spent many hours at what, before the tornado, was the Graves County Courthouse, studying for the Kentucky Bar Exam.

“Oh…hold on…Rep. Stevenson, let me explain. The Kentucky Bar Exam is a test you have to take to practice law here in the Commonwealth.


“Jokes aside, I’m running for the very serious purpose of protecting your family and mine from violent crime, from the deadly drugs flooding into our communities, and from the radical overreach of the Biden administration.

“I’m running to Back the Blue.

“I’ve worn a badge and carried a gun as a street agent.

“I’ve been a state prosecutor and I’ve been the chief federal prosecutor here appointed by the President of the United States.

“And I’ve raised my hand to serve overseas in a combat zone to help to protect this country and our Commonwealth.


“This picnic—it’s a celebration of our conservative Kentucky values.

“But the Democrat Party led by Governor Beshear and President Biden has abandoned those values.

“Why else would Governor Beshear keep our schools closed and fail our kids?

“Why else would Governor Beshear pardon so many violent criminals who went on to reoffend?

“And why else would Governor Beshear recruit a candidate for Attorney General who couldn’t even legally practice law in Kentucky?

“That’s right, my opponent doesn’t even have a Kentucky law license.

“This November you’ll have a clear choice between someone from Kentucky law enforcement, supported by Kentucky law enforcement, endorsed by the KY FOP…OR…well… a Hoosier lawyer.

“What an incredible Republican ticket led by Daniel Cameron, a once-in-a-generation leader.

“Together, we will protect Kentucky families and we will make Kentucky safe again!

“Thank you, and may God protect the men and women of Kentucky law enforcement, and the people of our Commonwealth.”

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