Past Republican Party of Kentucky Chairs Line Up to Support Russell Coleman

CRESTWOOD, Ky. (May 27, 2022) – Kentucky Attorney General Candidate Russell Coleman racked up more endorsements this week, securing the support of five past Chairs of the Republican Party of Kentucky (RPK.) Mike Duncan, Ellen Williams, John McCarthy, Steve Robertson and Terry Carmack have lined up behind Coleman, once again showing that Coleman is the most qualified candidate to run for Attorney General and shares the pro-life, pro-family conservative values of the Republican party.

“Russell Coleman’s experience and relationships make him the perfect candidate to serve as our commonwealth’s next Attorney General. Republican voters across the commonwealth should be excited to vote for Coleman in 2023,” noted Mike Duncan, who served as Chairman of the Republican National Committee from 2007 to 2009, and RPK Chairman in 1995.

Ellen Williams, RPK Chairwoman from 1999-2004, echoed those sentiments saying of Coleman, “Russell Coleman is the most qualified person to ever run for Kentucky Attorney General. He has the experience needed to get to work on Day One, and he’ll always put his conservative, family-focused values to work for Kentuckians.”

If elected, Coleman’s working relationships with law enforcement, from big cities to small towns, will be instrumental in his work to make Kentucky safe again.

“We are the party that stands with law enforcement, backs the blue, and believes in public safety,” said John McCarthy, Chairman 2004-2005. “The Republican Party has long embraced the values that Russell Coleman brings to public service. At a time when violent crime is surging in our cities, we need someone with his experience and expertise.”

Steve Robertson, the immediate past Chairman, said of Coleman, “Russell Coleman will bring to the Attorney General’s office the same goal he had as U.S. Attorney in Western Kentucky – make our communities safe again. I know Coleman will be committed to continuing the great work of so many Republicans before him to crack down on violent crime, get illegal drugs off our streets and keep our families and kids safe.”

Terry Carmack, RPK Chairman in 1994, said of Coleman, “Russell Coleman is everything we need in our next Attorney General. He shares the same homegrown values as a majority of Kentucky voters, and he has the experience and relationships needed to make Kentucky safe again. I’m excited to support Russell Coleman.”
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